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“We used to always mix our concrete and other material in a tilted drum mixer. However sometimes the result wasn’t smooth, and we had lumps in there, that’s what made me buy the TMX despite the higher price. And the investment was definitely worth it. The TMX is quite versatile and is perfect for all our heavy and drier materials.“
Robert C
on TMX
“We often have jobs in shops and malls where we have to tile vast areas in a very short time. Sometimes we even have to level the floor before we can start tiling. The AOX gives us the versatility we need for those different materials and the material output we need to keep to our schedule. One thing I love about the AOX is that all my men are productive at work and no one has to stand there and mix all day.”
John M
on AOX
“We do epoxy flooring in manufacturing plants, warehouses or in the food business. Speed and first-class processing quality count, because our customers do not accept long downtimes. To ensure that the processing quality of the epoxy material is consistently good, we use the Collomix forced-action mixer in mixing technology. This was a recommendation from our material supplier and after the first jobs we didn't want to miss it any more.”
John S
on XM